Supporting Transformation
1:1 Sessions

Harmonizing Your Multidimensional Body

Physical Body ~ Fluid Body ~ Energetic Body ~ Relational Body ~ Collective Body

  • Resolving multifaceted patterns held in the body (imprints)
  • Connecting with your body's blueprints for health & new possibilities
  • Transforming through body-centered trauma resolution techniques
  • Cultivating present time, sensory awareness
  • Accessing your body and lineage wisdom
  • Applying the balancing philosophies of Traditional East Asian Medicine (commonly referred to as Chinese Medicine)

The process is relational and interactive. It connects the seen with the unseen. It more deeply connects you with your embodied knowing.

Sessions typically begin with stabilizing and orienting to the present moment and aligning with your intentions. They unfold to meet what is arising in the physical body and energetic body on its way to integration, wholeness, and new realities.

An initial session is 2 hours. Follow up sessions can be booked for 1, 1.5 or 2 hours. See the Book Now link for fees and scheduling, and How to Prepare for Sessions.

All sessions are virtual at this time, either by phone or video conferencing.

More about Trauma Resolution

Sessions support stabilizing and transforming your nervous system (the body's security system), and energetic systems on which the physical body is based.

They meet undigested life experiences held in the body, on the way to resolution and integration. This may include our earliest days (pre-conception, conception, pre/perinatal times) and ancestral/epigenetic timelines. The challenges met can also be a result of ongoing systemic forces like racism, sexism, and gender norms, to name a few. 

This style of work is for clients ready to work somatically with the symptoms and patterns that keep presenting themselves due to thwarted threat responses of fight, flight, and freeze.

The tools of this style of process work are drawn from a broad range of body focused, leading edge nervous system healing techniques which I integrate with my foundation in the principles of Traditional East Asian Medicine.