Chronic Conditions, Chronic Stress
& Cultivating Health

Our experience of injuries, pain and chronic stresses pattern the way our brain works and processes our inner and outer world. We can find ourselves easily in a state of emergency or under-responsiveness even after challenging events have passed. Or we can find our symptoms are not responding to treatment.

Ladan has specialized training in awareness-oriented, interactive forms of bodywork which cultivate healthy pathways in the brain and body. Sessions support stabilizing, resetting and balancing your nervous system. They are excellent tools for many chronic conditions, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and for anyone interested feeling more at home in their bodies and connecting with health.

This bodywork integrates the principles of Chinese medicine, acupressure and the latest research about how the body and brain effectively activate self-healing capacities to repair and restore after chronic stresses. It can also support repair of how early life experiences (pre and perinatal, early childhood) imprint our nervous systems, our bodies, our being.

Sessions focus on present time sensory awareness, building resiliency and resolving patterns held in the nervous system. Nervous system education is a part of the process. Sessions are completed with the client fully clothed.

Ladan is trained in trauma-informed treatment approaches and working with clients with sensitive and highly responsive nervous systems. She has trained with Brigit Viksnins MAT, BCST®, SEP, LMT, NCTMB and assists in the Alchemical Alignment Bodywork for Trauma Resolution training program.

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