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Super*Vision Circle
for Alchemical Alignment Practitioners

Want to cultivate greater recognition of nervous system dynamics and  patterns?

Fine-tune a particular Alchemical Alignment skill?

Navigate complexity in your sessions with more ease?

Let's support your growth. Each session includes:

  • A nourishing & orienting Alchemical Alignment embodiment practice
  • Sharing what’s going well, challenges, and curiosities
  • Professional and/or peer feedback
  • Deepening into Alchemical Alignment Principles relevant to the group 

Join me for:
4, 2-hr Live Gatherings via Zoom

1:30pm-3:30pm EST /10:30am–12:30 pm PST /6:30pm–8:30pm GMT

  • Wednesday March 31
  • Wednesday April 21
  • Wednesday May 19
  • Wednesday June 16

Cost: $36O

To ensure everyone is fully supported and witnessed, the circle is limited to 4 participants.


About Me

I’m passionate about becoming more precise and finding more ease in this work. I love recognizing patterns and stacked issues, and stand in awe of our fluid intelligence. I love working with "unseen" dynamics, and tracking what’s arising through our nervous system maps.

In my practice, professional and peer supervision have been an essential part of my growth, helping me see patterns more clearly and better serve my clients. It illuminates where my unfinished business is intersecting with a client’s and clears the path for navigating a new way forward. It’s been invaluable for me to receive different perspectives from those who are deeply experienced.  

I began studying Alchemical Alignment in 2015 and have been assisting the training since 2018. I’ve integrated the tools of this work into my acupuncture and bodywork practice (which focused on sports medicine and chronic conditions), and in my energy healing practice. As a result, my work has gone from addressing client’s symptoms to supporting deep, multidimensional change. I’ve even applied these tools to my work for a non-profit and continue to learn how to apply the principles in my everyday life and personal relationships.