About My Practice

I practice precise and subtle forms of bodywork and energy work.  

I'm drawn to attuned and effective processes which increase systemic coherence and resonance in our bodies, our lineage, our communities and our world.

I'm interested in meaningful connection with ourselves and each other.

My primary tools for transformation and navigating complexity come from being a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine and my extensive study of repatterning the nervous system, studies of nature within and without. They come from my love of embodied movement and dynamic stillness, as well as learning to relate well with my ancestors and guides.

I am an Alchemical Alignment practitioner (Bodywork for Trauma Resolution & Embodiment of Spirit), assistant in the Alchemical Alignment Training Program, and a licensed acupuncturist. A particular focus of my studies has been on chronic pain and the role trauma and cumulative stress play in chronic medical conditions.

I'm grateful for my background in dance and theater, a home base for understanding how bodies speak volumes and moving in community. I'm grateful for what I've learned from the places where I have lived: Maryland, New Mexico, New York City, and Costa Rica. And the lands of my ancestors: England, France and Iran.

While studying and refining the healing modalities I share today, I also supported executives and teams, wearing a variety of project management and administrative hats. Those experiences inspire my offerings for nourishing leaders and groups.