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Nervous System Resilience Sessions

Aligning with your Body's Intelligence

Process oriented somatic attunement sessions to support you in:

  • Connecting with your body's innate healing capacities
  • Learning ways to shift from overwhelm, fatigue and inflammatory body states for replenishment (downshifting from go-go-go and coming back online after things are too much)
  • Developing the capacity to be with strong sensations and under-responsive areas of the body
  • Meeting undigested life experiences held in your body with care and compassion
  • Understanding your body's survival responses and wisdom in the face of chronic stress, pain, illness and isolation

Sessions are rooted in cultivating the capacity to sense, be with and follow one's body wisdom through cultivation of your "felt sense". This sensing (known as interoception) and how we relate with it has important connections to our well being and physical health. It's also is a key to healing trauma and disconnection. It is the ground of our embodiment.

This work does not take the place of trauma therapy or medical care. It can serves as a deeply supportive and transformative form of complementary care for self-growth, navigating complex health needs, and histories of trauma and neglect.

What are sessions like?
We typically begin with orienting to the present moment and touching base about your intentions for the session. We'll meet what unfolds by orienting to the body and what's arising in your awareness in doable pieces.

The tools of how we meet what arises are drawn from both traditional and leading edge nervous system and somatic trauma resolution approaches: Alchemical Alignment Bodywork for Trauma Resolution, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing Principles, Systemic Constellation Principles, Traditional East Asian Medicine philosophy, and various traditional energy healing practices.

Sessions may include:

  • Somatic Witnessing and Attunement
  • Resiliency & Nervous System Education
  • Movement & Dynamic Stillness Practices
  • In-person: Slow, touch work to balance the nervous system and develop your somatic awareness.

For some patterns rooted in ancestral or soul histories, I may recommend a series of Pattern Healing Sessions during our work together.

These sessions may be for you if:

  • You want to better understand yourself and be in the driver's seat of your own wellbeing
  • You've been on a healing path for a while, have explored your family history and would like more support for your body in this process
  • You've had a challenging birth history, medical procedure or family legacy that still resonates within you
  • You have at least two other active supports in your life (trusted relationships, medical providers, psychotherapist, community, spiritual connection, connection to nature, etc.)
  • You are an empath and want more support around what is and what is not yours to carry

Initial Session
1h 45min, $250
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The initial session is 1 hr and 45 minutes. We'll discuss your intentions for the session and relevant history, engage with a piece of somatic exploration, and discuss next steps.

If you are a current acupuncture or bodywork client, you are welcome to book a 75 minute initial session ($180). Contact me to schedule.

If you are a student in Alchemical Alignment training, I offer 60 minute initial sessions. Please contact me to schedule.

Here are some tips on How to Prepare for a Session.

Follow-up Healing Sessions
Follow up sessions are typically booked for 60 or 90 minutes. You are welcome to book a series of sessions or drop-in for stand alone sessions.

In Person (Baltimore):
60min, $180
90min, $270
30min Stabilization/Integration, $90

Online: Rates vary by location. 
Please contact me for rates based on your location.

How Often to Book Sessions

New Office Welcome Packages: Available March-June 2024
: Save 10% on 3 online sessions
IN PERSON SESSION PACKAGE: Save 10% on 3 in-person sessions
Use code NEW10 to redeem

Sliding Scale for NSR sessions: I hold several spaces in my schedule to work with folks on a sliding scale. Please contact me for more information.

Cancellation Policy

Please give 48 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees, with the exception of medical and family emergencies, illness and dangerous weather. In-person sessions may be rescheduled due to inclement weather. Forgotten appointments (no shows) and those cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are responsible for the full session fee