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Pattern Healing Sessions

photo credit: Ladan Nabet

These energy healing sessions address the stuck and tired places in your life to help you access clarity, strengthen personal agency, and find freedom and right relationship with hindering family patterns and confining cultural conditioning. During these sessions, I connect with wise and compassionate spirit allies and ancestors and who offer support for the intention you're bringing to your session. 

These sessions may resonate with you when:

  • You've been doing a lot of inner work, but your life still feels stuck or you keep encountering repeated challenges in your relationships, work, health or following your purpose
  • You notice repeating thoughts, beliefs, body or emotional responses that still have a grip on you even with ongoing support of therapy and mindfulness tools 
  • You feel like something keeps interfering with your path or ability to move forward that you can't quite see
  • You have a connection to the sacred and sense you are supported by something much larger (or would like to feel this more)
  • You often feel like the face of healing change in your family and community
  • You have at least two active, loving layers of support to help you navigate the challenges that arise for you in life. They also enjoy celebrating your wins and they get you.
  • You are committed to tending additional layers of healing that may arise or be recommended as a result of your session.

Sessions are not a replacement for cultivating your own way finding or accessing your wisdom. They are not predictive or prescriptive. Instead, they offer a wider perspective and layer of support to illuminate energy dynamics and transgenerational influences on your current circumstances.

I do not do this style of healing work with those in crisis, experiencing major emotional or psychological instability or fragile health. In these circumstances, I recommend engaging the support of a psychotherapist working with trauma and/or complex post-traumatic stress, as well as appropriate medical care in order to regain stability. 

Booking a Session

All Pattern Healing sessions are virtual at this time.

Prior to scheduling, please email me about the issue you'd like to work with and I will reflect on whether my offerings may be a match for your intention. It typically takes 3-10 business days for me to reply to these inquiries.

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes, $225.
(A 30 minute check-in after your first session is included in the fee. Please book the check in when you schedule or initial session 3 to 15 days after that session. Beyond that time window, please book a new session.)

Please note, while sessions seek to bring forward support for your intention, I am not able to predict what guidance and information will come through for you, and cannot guarantee responses to specific inquiries. Sometimes you may receive information that may be different than anticipated. Please come with curiosity, openness and a clear connection to your intention for the session.

Follow Up

Sessions can sometimes bring forward additional places for healing and tending in your life. As such, the work is very individualized and a series of sessions may be needed or you may wish to take the information you receive in a session for further exploration to psychotherapy or another therapeutic modality. Sometimes it may be appropriate for there to be a period of weeks or months for integration after a series of sessions. 

Cancellation Policy

My Background in Spirit-Mediated Healing

My training in this work comes from my study with Betsy Bergstrom (Spirit-Mediated Pattern Unravelling, Psychopomp Study, Seidr Shamanic Healing), Maris Begrune (Mediumship), and other ancestral reverence practices. It is guided by wise and compassionate healing spirits, allies, protectors, psychopomps, powers of nature and well ancestors. It has also come through my ancestral connections to these healing practices and personal initiation.