The Mill Centre
3000 Chestnut Ave., Suite 102

Google maps does not lead you to the parking lot, so please use these directions:

  • From I-83, take the 28th St. exit
  • Turn left at the first light onto Sisson St.
    Sisson becomes Keswick Rd
  • Turn left on 33rd St.
  • Take first left onto Chestnut Ave.
  • Go two blocks and turn right onto Mill Rd.
    The parking lot is on right. Parking is free.
  • The office is in the building past the gates, across street from the parking lot. Walk through the gates and in the main entrance of the Mill Centre. The entrance is covered in wisteria. (Don't go down the lane.)
  • Once inside, you are on the main floor which is the second floor. Walk down the hall to the elevator.
  • Take the elevator down to the first floor.
  • Turn right out of the elevator and then right down the hallway. You will pass the bathrooms and a loading dock area.
  • Suite 102 will be on your left. There is no separate waiting room. Please arrive at your appointment time.
  • If you arrive early, you can sit in the common area on the main floor. You can reach the common area by making a right past elevator on the main floor (2nd floor). You'll see some couches and chairs on your right and you are welcome to sit there.

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3000 Chestnut Ave., Ste. 102
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