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Session Info

Before your first session, please complete the New Client Information & Session Consent Form. I look forward to learning more about your intention for your session(s) when we meet. 

Please check your email at your session start time. I will email you a Zoom link then for us to connect. 

Setting up your Space.
  • You may wish to sit, stand, move and lie down during a session depending on what unfolds. Please be comfortable. Consider if you'd like to have pillows, a heating pad, or a blanket nearby. Something to put under your knees if you lie down. What would support you in being even more comfortable?
  • Please have water available to drink during your session.
  • If working together via video, consider how close or far you may want to be from the screen, and at what angle. Also consider the height of the screen, so that your head, neck and back are happy.
  • In some cases, you may prefer to turn off your camera. That's welcome. If you’d prefer to connect by phone instead of videoconferencing, please let me know.
  • If you are having your session in a room in which you also work, take some time before your session to transition from work into your session time. You may even wish to change the angle at which you are sitting to break from “work mode”.

Allow time for integration after your session. It will make them more effective. You may wish to rest, take a walk, journal, write, draw, move, connect with a trusted other, etc.