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Working Together FAQs

How often do you recommend working together and what is the right session length for me?

The answer will be unique to you and your goals. 

Meaningful transformation occurs in an optimal container. Too infrequent and it may be challenging to build the momentum needed for change. Too often and there's not optimal time to integrate change and get feedback from life.

Clients see me for a variety of reasons from focusing on a particular issue to ongoing personal growth to a one-time read on a pattern.

This work can be a catalyst  to illuminate new possibilities (1-6 sessions). And for those taking a deeper dive to shift and integrate the transformation of a long held pattern, I recommend working together for 3-6 months, an often longer. 

After your first session, let's discuss and create a plan together based on your intentions and current layers of support.

Individual sessions can be booked for 1 or 1.5 hours. The longer the session the more waves of experience and deeper the layers that may be traversed.

I also offer 30-minute Stabilization and Integration sessions. They are particularly helpful when seeking to find more stability and integrate one's experience in smaller, doable pieces. They can also be a helpful added layer of support between longer sessions.

There are different benefits to shorter and longer sessions, so let's discuss and co-create what may work best for you.