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Working Together FAQs

How many sessions do you recommend I schedule and what is the right session length for me?

The answer will be unique to you and your goals. 

Meaningful transformation occurs in an optimal container. Too infrequent and it may be challenging to build the momentum needed for change. Too often and there's not optimal time to integrate change and get feedback from life.

Scheduling a session is the best way to get a sense of the style of my practice.

Clients see me for a variety of reasons from focusing on a particular issue to ongoing personal growth to a one-time read on a pattern. Some drop in on an as needed basis when I am one of their healing team. Others take a deeper dive.

The bottom line is let's discuss and create a plan together based on your goals and circumstances.

Session length varies (1, 1.5 or 2 hrs). The longer the session the more waves of experience and deeper the layers that may be traversed. There are benefits to shorter and longer sessions. So let's discuss this if you have questions.

If you are someone who feels like there is not enough time to address your concerns, please book a longer session. This in and of itself supports shifting this pattern.