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Chronic Stress & Cultivating Health

Our experience of unresolved injuries, pain and chronic stress has a strong influence on the baseline of how our bodies work, affecting not just our physical health but how we show up for ourselves and each other.

You might continue to find yourself easily overwhelmed or unable to respond long after life challenges have passed. Or you may have ongoing circumstances that leave you unable to ever feel at ease in your own skin. You might even find you're not responding to the various treatments and types of care that have been recommended.

When you feel like you've tried everything and still aren't feeling better, sometimes the missing link is to work directly with the nervous system, the body's security system. (And sometimes it's a signal that you may be doing too much and rest and less is called for!)

My expertise is in stabilizing, resetting and sharing ways to balance your nervous system. Whether we're working together online or in person, it's an an interactive process where I'm checking in with what you're noticing as you explore sensation, your awareness of your body in space and micromovements to come into more balance. In person, we might explore touch work or hands on techniques as well. Nervous system education is often part of the process.

Sessions are great for anyone interested in feeling more at home in their bodies and more resilient in the face of life's ups and downs. They are also an additional layer of support for chronic conditions and post-traumatic stress. They do not take the place of medical care or psychotherapy and are not recommended without comparable layers of support.

This bodywork integrates the principles of Chinese medicine, acupressure and the latest research about how the body and brain effectively activate self-healing capacities to repair and restore after chronic stresses. It can also support repair of how early life experiences (pre and perinatal, early childhood) imprint our nervous systems, our bodies, our being.